Back in Europe

Back in the far too familiar London airport starbucks waiting for my flight to baracalona (delayed!)...the last leg of the trip back to Europe (for the 4th time in 6months!).

My 4 weeks back in NZ were, as always – bloody good. First time I have experienced a NZ winter for nearly 4 years and if you can train in the day time like I was you can hardly call it winter, the odd snow storm down south but I think Europe can learn a lot from a kiwi winter. A weeks recovering after Cali and 3 really solid weeks on the pedals have hopefully put me in good step to race the shit out of the rest of the year. So as the Europeans say before nearly every sentence involving the future, I will “normally” race tour of Austria on the 1st July which sounds like it's right up my alley and then maybe Tour du Region Wallonie in late July followed by Utah and Colorado back in the USA.

After that who knows. There's races all over Europe, Canada and China so i'll be doing something cool. Priority number one for me is getting on top of the stitch problem I have been suffering from on and off for the last 3ish years. The team are being supportive and so I'm penciled in to see some more specialists soon but I'm open to ideas so leave a message if you’ve found a magic cure!

I'm looking forward to just getting back to base in Girona and catching up with housemate Nate and the rest of the girona crowd, have K rex (Kieran Hambrook) a hitter from home town Nelson and all round G.C coming to stay for a bit to give him a little breather from the French amateur scene, will also nice to get some some UV rays on the pins and get some vitiman D back in the system.